Funday Friday: Cosplay Update

Just wanted to give an update on the progress of my costume!

If you’re new and are not sure what I’m referring to, I’ve challenged myself to create a Two-Face costume for $50. For more information, check out my $50 Cosplay Challenge post. But a lot has happened in a week, so I’ll give you the low-down.

Basically, I’ve run into a lot of speed bumps. A LOT. It first began with my suit: I was having a hard time finding a jacket and skirt combination that fitted me and flattered my body. Either the skirt was too big or too small, or there wasn’t a jacket that I liked. So, after many agonizing days of searching, I finally found a skirt that I deemed “acceptable.” It was a khaki pencil skirt with a zipper going down the left side. “Oh, cool!” I thought. “The zipper will add to the destroyed side of my costume. This will work to my benefit! All I have to do is dye it black.” After that, I then found a pair of white satin heels. I decided that I could dye these items black and then find the jacket later.

A few days later, I found a jacket, and got the bulk of my crafting supplies (bleach pen, fabric dye, etc.). That night, I got a mop bucket, filled it up, mixed in the powdered dye, and began the transformation process for the skirt and shoes. Four hours later—and two dye baths in—the skirt and shoes turned blue, not black. So now I’m in the process of shopping for a new skirt that’s actually black, and trying to salvage the shoes. This process will start soon.

In the meantime, I did start working on my jacket. I have been planning on acid washing one half of the skirt and jacket for the “gross” side of my Two-Face cosplay, so I got a bleach pen to create this effect. I was hoping that the black dye of the jacket would have a blue cast to it; which, unfortunately, it does not. But, I’m trying to make it work, and I have been scouring Pinterest for creative ways to decorate and tie dye bleached clothing. I just finished bleaching the jacket last night, and it’s been drying in the meantime.

I also have to buy my wig this weekend, and get a pack of studs for the jacket. Right now, it’s looking like I may be over the $50 limit I set for myself, seeing as how I have to buy a new skirt and another bleach pen. But as long as I can stay in the $50 range, I’ll be happy. I’ll just have to pinch my pennies even more. My hope is that the more time I put into my costume, the better it will look. Whether or not that happens, we’ll just have to see! But, as always, I will keep an update of my progress.

In the meantime; it is Funday Friday, so I will leave you with some fun tidbits of Two-Face trivia, in case you’ve never heard of this particular character.

Half-dapper, half-wtf?!
Half-dapper, half-wtf?!

Two-Face is a Batman villain, and the alter-ego of Harvey Dent, Gotham City’s District Attorney. After a mob boss attacks Dent by throwing acid in his face, his mental stability breaks down, and he develops a split-personality disorder. In precarious situations, Two-Face makes his decisions by use of a coin flip. The coin is his trademark; it features two heads on either side, with one damaged by acid, and the other one clean. Depending on which side the coin lands determines whether Two-Face will act in a dastardly manner, or Harvey Dent will come through and do the right thing. Having an extensive background in the law helps him with his crime-committing, along with his marksmanship skills. For a complete history of the character, check out this great video to get the full story: 

In my research, I’ve fund great examples of Two-Face cosplay, on both men and women. It’s not an extremely popular costume, and I haven’t seen it at conventions, so I’m excited to try this out!

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