Opening “The Trade”: How a New Website Might Innovate the Comic Book Industry


Attention aspiring comic book artists, writers, and colorists: your work can finally get noticed!

For those who are trying to get into the comic book industry, look no further than starting with The Trade. One of my Facebook friends just posted this, and I had to share. The Trade will be an online community where artists, inkers, colorists, writers, editors, etc. can converge together, showcase their work, and get a foot in the door of the comic book industry.

Half-LinkedIn, half-Twitter, The Trade allows individuals to upload their work, mingle with other artists, get commissions, and book in-person appearances at conventions and comic book shops. This service is available for all independent and working comic book creators, no matter how long they’ve been in the game. No matter what aspect of comic development you may work in, you are now able to jam-pack a page that gives credit to the incredible work you’ve done.

With the skyrocketing popularity of comic books, the circulation of titles like The Avengers, Batman, and Suicide Squad are now entering the realm of ubiquity. What this means is that the market is growing; on the flip side, it also means that the market is being flooded with loads of amazing writers and artists who just want to get noticed. Normally, independent artists generate profit by attending conventions, selling prints online, and generally spending their own money to make a profit. The problem, though, is that this profit generally goes towards all of the expenses that come with travelling to locations to sell merchandise, and paying for prints. Additionally, with a saturated market, it may be difficult for a new artist or writer to generate enough noise to be recognized by the comic book community. This is where The Trade comes in handy.

Not only does the website allow users to upload and showcase their work, but it also comes equipped with a job board, commission sign-ups, and opportunities to build teams and create projects with other users. As well as providing other services, such as premium membership, the website seems highly promising as an effective tool to the creative process.

Though it is in a kickstarter phase now, The Trade will roll out in October. Those who donate to back this kickstarter will receive many perks, including a beta key for early access to the site. I would like to note here that—in case anyone was wondering—I am not promoting this under any obligation. Like I said in the beginning, I saw the link to the kickstarter on Facebook, because a friend shared it. After reading through all the information, I was greatly impressed with what the developers are proposing. When I go to conventions, I always like to support the artists in any way that I can. Sometimes that means buying a pin for $2, but at least that’s $2 more that the artist can use in some regard. If you are interested in backing this kickstarter, please feel encouraged to read through the information and make a donation. You never know what good things may come out of this, and it’s definitely worth a try!

You can find information on The Trade here.

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