Extra! Extra! All the News from this Past Week

Hello Lovelies! And welcome back! It feels good to write again to my throngs of fans.

So much has happened since I took a break, but now I want to break everything I’ve heard down and give you the what-what:

LEGO’s Jurassic Park Video GameLego_JurassicPark

I’m a huge fan of Jurassic Park, as well as a huge fan of LEGO and the LEGO video games, so when I saw the trailer for their new game, I was absolutely thrilled. If you are unfamiliar with the LEGO video games, they are play-throughs of well-known stories that are based off of LEGO sets, but they are super fun and humorous. LEGO’s most well-known games are their LEGO Star Wars series, LEGO Harry Potter, and LEGO Batman. The game is scheduled to be released in June, which is when the Jurassic World movie is set to premiere. This officially make the month Jurassic June (my own term).

Period Authentic Sherlock Christmas Specialsherlock-christmas-special-benedict-cumberbatch-martin-freeman

Even though we have seen many (many, many, many) pictures of a period authentic Sherlock episode, it has been announced that the BBC is producing a Christmas special in which the characters are set in the late Victorian era (the original setting for the Sherlock Holmes stories). The good part: at least all of our suspicions have been confirmed. The bad part: we have to wait until December to actually see it.

Houdini & Doyle are the New Mulder & Scully houdini-140808-adrien-brody-618x400

According to iO9, there is an X-Files type of show in developmental stages that would put Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle together as a team. Seems a little odd, but an original concept. No one has been casted yet, but it leaves a lot to the imagination as far as who might play the two famous figures *cough cough* Adrien Brody for Houdini, again *cough cough*

Controversial Batgirl Cover Has Fans Feudingbatgirl-cover-raphael-albuquerque-jpg

The variant cover for the Batgirl #41 issue has been pulled by DC, according to Entertainment WeeklySome fans were offended by the homage to a famous comic book–The Killing Joke–while others felt that puling the variant cover was a violation of artistic freedom. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with the cover; and while the passion of the fans has been overwhelming, and testament to the love for Batgirl, this is nothing to get into an argument over. There have been way worse covers released, and way more controversial images. And, after all, it’s freaking Batgirl, she’ll get out if it.

New Thor SuccessFemale-THOR-001-cover-674x1024

The new–and female–Thor has officially outsold the original male Norse god, says the BBC. Now, I don’t know much about Thor, except for the very basic things, but the fact that the creators gave a female such great power and authority is truly awesome. While there are many great female role models in the comic book world, changing a traditionally male hero into a heroine shows great diversity and acceptance for equality. This comes at a time of a great shift for Marvel heroes, with a black Captain America and a Muslim Ms. Marvel, which shows fans that anyone can be a superhero. This, to me, is a beautiful thing, and the success of the new Thor signals a new era for the comic book industry.

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