The $50 Cosplay Challenge

C2E2 is only 30 days away, and I wanted to do something special. This particular convention, which takes place in Chicago every April, is one of my favorite events of the year; it allows me to be my geekiest and, most importantly, it is an outlet for creativity. I’ve made it well-known in the past […]

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Game Paused: Taking a Break

So, all my blog posts that were required are done, but I’m not finished yet. I never thought I would really be into blogging, but I quite enjoy it. I love sharing facts and information about nerd and geek culture, and I love writing. So, I have decided to keep this blog going, hoping to […]

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Funday Friday: Make-up Madness

After I posted my Two-Face make-up tutorial, many people have been asking that I put up another one. Though I’m not sure if I’ll make a video (I’m not a make-up blog, really), I did want to show you lovelies one of the “deleted scenes” of my original video idea. In the planning stages, I […]

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