Code Name: Secret Agent Nerd–How to Take Your Pop Culture Passions into the Workplace

Remember 15 years ago when it was perfectly acceptable to be in love with something? Backstreet Boys, Rugrats, Tamogachis? Remember the sweet swag you used to carry to school or put up in your locker? I sure do.

Swag is one of the few things we nerds have to show our proud love of a fandom, other than our expansive knowledge of the Doctor’s assistants and the few words of Klingon we have learned (which, incidentally, freaks some people out). Growing up, I’ve come to realize that being a nerd becomes much tougher when you’re an adult.

Now that I’m about to go out in the world as a college graduate, I might have to tone down my love for things nerdy just so I may be accepted in the work force. Though I would never condone changing yourself for anyone, I’m simply saying that some situations and people in life may not call for, or understand, our deep love for fandoms. But, there are ways around the system; this is where swag comes into its glory. Here are my tips to keep your nerd passions alive: [include a list of stores that carry items like these]

  1. Décor
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Decorate that drab cubicle with items like calendars, mini-posters, novelty pencil cups, and even statues of your favorite characters. Not only will these little trinkets liven up your office space, they will also bring a smile to your face! (See what I did there?)

  1. Kitchen Supplies

    Available on
    Available on

Go beyond mugs and cups, some online stores even have utensils and plates. Or go old school and carry a lunchbox to work. No one will judge. It’s called nostalgia.

  1. Accessories

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I personally have a Platform 9¾ wallet that I carry in my big girl purse—the same place where I keep my Hogwarts Express train ticket just in case. Other accessories to consider: earrings, necklaces, scarves, keychains, lanyards, rings, and even pins. Go nuts!

  1. Phone Accessories

    Available on
    Available on

Your phone can be just as snazzy as you! Cases make a big difference when turning on the swag charm. There are also phone straps available, along with stickers, charms, and outer cases. Also, consider changing your phone’s wallpaper to something extra festive—if you haven’t already.

  1. Office Supplies

    Available on
    Available on

Who says you can’t have a little fun while you write a memo? Actually, no one that I know personally, but I’m saying it here and now: you can have fun while writing a memo! Pens are also fun, as well as note pads, folders, binders, and even paperclips! The office supply store is your oyster. Go forth, and conquer.

6. Car Swag

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Available on

When you finally have saved all of your Rupees (Zelda reference) to buy your own car, you’ll need to deck it out! And I’m not talking about those silly family stickers to put on the back windshield. Many retailers have decals, steering wheel covers, floor mats, seat covers, and rear view mirror charms to transform your Mercury into the Millennium Falcon.

What are some of your favorite swag items that bring cheer to your personal space? Leave a comment below!

Also, check out these great websites for all of your swag needs: ThinkGeek, ModCloth, Hot Topic, Etsy

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*Note: the links to these images leads you to the page where you can purchase these items yourself.

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Phone Case


Flux Capacitor 

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