Power Up: Power Girl Has Finally Gotten the Best Make-Over Ever

Lover her or hate her, Power Girl is always the center of much discussion in the comic book community. If you are unaware of who this said “Power Girl” is, here are the two words you need to know about her: boob window. power-girl-bust

Why a boob window, you make ask? This is DC Comics Wiki’s explanation for it: “The distinctive costume she wears lacks an emblem, and she uses this as an advantage to distract others in combat.” Forget the fact that she’s a Kryptonian, Superman’s cousin, and a powerful female superhero; her greatest power is her sex appeal.

I can’t say too much about Power Girl as a character because I’ve never read her comics, but the fact that she is most well known by her boob window is slightly disturbing. A superhero should be someone that anyone can look up to; though I know she has a huge fan base, she would personally not be my role model.

But that all might change, because Power Girl has had a seriously awesome make-over.

Say hello to Tanya Spears, the new Power Girl in the latest Teen Titans storyline. tumblr_ndtr0fNwvY1smb66mo1_500

Look at her! She’s AWESOME! The new costume change is so modern and chic, and it’s totally appropriate for an active superhero. The creators and artists who have worked on Power Girl have tried to revamp her costume, but it either didn’t work out or it upset fans. The Tanya Spears incarnation, however, may prove to satisfy the fans. Me personally, I think it’s a refreshing change and should be seen as a new chapter in Power Girl’s history. This is why I like her:

  • She’s a beef-cake: according to the article where I first read about the new Power Girl (citation below), she inherits all of Power Girl’s powers after an explosion sends Tanya’s predecessor out of Earth. The article states that Tanya is able to lift “up to three tons.” So she’s just as tough—if not more so—than Power Girl.
  • She’s developing her powers for good: just like many superhero origin stories, Tanya’s quest to do good started with her mother’s murder. She is bestowed with these powers, and then makes the conscious decision to go join the Teen Titans, who are a band of young adult superheroes (Robin is a part of this group, along with Wonder Girl, who is Wonder Woman’s protégé). This tells me that she is responsible and knows how to handle herself well.
  • She has the cutest hair ever: I couldn’t help myself. She does, she really does.
  • She has a realistic costume for superhero wear: though her jacket is obviously for fashion rather than function (in my opinion), if you look at her boots, her gauntlets, and even the coloring of the costume, it seems to me that her artist(s) thought of its uses to her as a superhero. The shoes have a tread, and look like a runner’s sneaker, signaling a need for comfort and durability while running. Some female superheroes are adorned with high-heeled boots, which is highly impractical no matter who you are. Running, jumping, walking, or even battling in high heels will not only lead to a broken ankle, but a lost battle. Tanya’s gauntlets protect her arms and knuckles for hand-to-hand combat, because apparently no superhero gets bloody knuckles after punching an enemy. Her costume is not adorned with many decorations—save for the jacket—but it seems the fact that it’s white leads me to believe that it was designed to keep her core cool in warm weather (white reflects light, and keeps a person cool in the sunlight).

I have such high hopes for Tanya’s character development, and I’m very excited to see how she ascends to the role of the new Power Girl.


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